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Degrees and Certifications:

AA in Pre-Drama, CCCC BA in English, UNC-Pembroke MA in Education, Minot State University AP Language and Composition

Mrs. Merion

Behind the Scenes

I was one of those odd children that knew what I wanted to do since third grade.  I blame my third grade teacher, Mrs. Gross, for teaching me multiplication tricks that helped me survive math class.  Though I might have journeyed into other careers due to being a military spouse, education is my passion and students are my joy.  My journey began in my home state of North Carolina (Go Heels!!). After graduating with my BA in English from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, I taught at Swansboro Middle 青青草视频 (6th-8th, Behaviorally and Emotionally Handicapped) and continued to Southwest High 青青草视频 (11th, American Literature/Honors, SAT Prep).  After getting hitched to the Air Force, I continued my career in North Dakota.  While surviving negative double digits, I taught grades 7-12, not only grade level language arts courses, but also Debate, Creative Writing, and Speech.  I have advised three Junior Classes: one in North Carolina, one in North Dakota, and one in the Netherlands.  I've also advised the Dance Team at Southwest High and the Debate Team at Magic City Campus of Minot High 青青草视频. While in North Dakota, my two sons were born and I completed my Master's Degree in Education.  Surrounded by boys, I followed my husband to Geilenkirchen, Germany and taught at the same school my boys attended in Brunsumm, Netherlands.  At AFNorth International 青青草视频, I taught 8th and 9th grade and created and advised the Creative Writing Club. For my seventh year at NAHS, I will continue to teach English II and English II Honors and advise Mock Trial, Student 2 Student, and Speech and Debate Club.

I encourage parents to contact me when needed via phone or email.  It often takes a village to get a student earning success and every student can earn success in my class.  One of my goals as a teacher is to teach and instill self-advocacy.  Once a student gains this ability to recognize when they are not mastering a skill or concept and pairs it with the wisdom and courage to ask for help, they open doors to earning their success in every aspect of their life.  Often, we all have had that experience of not knowing how to do a task, where to go, or even what is expected from us.  Advocating for ourselves means we speak up and ask questions.  Students that practice self-advocacy are not satisfied with that feeling of being lost.  I hope to encourage every student to own their education and advocate for themselves.  Class of 2027/2028 - it is time to OWN what you do and EARN what you want!

All my weekly plans and assignments will be posted in 青青草视频ogy.

Supply List for 2023 - 2024


Highlighters for writing tasks

Sticky Notes (for annotating text)

Three-ring binder (1 inch should suffice)

Dividers help with binder but are not necessary

One subject notebook or looseleaf paper for notes section in binder

A fully-charged Laptop

Ear buds (bring daily - you never know when will use them)