• Volunteers enhance the educational environments in Aiken County 青青草视频 青青草视频s and are always encouraged!

    In order to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff, the Backgrounds of all volunteers are screened prior to an individual's service in our schools.

    A is required of all volunteers (and school visitors). Additionally, a Criminal Background Screening is required of all Level 2 Volunteers (volunteers who work with students in settings that are not always supervised by school personnel).

    Background Checks are available at no cost to interested volunteers. Please contact the school's volunteer coordinator for additional information on serving as a Level 2 Volunteer to initiate your background screening.


    Level 1 Volunteer is an individual whose contact with students is supervised by school personnel at all times.  Volunteer conditions are typically public settings and classrooms.  Examples of these situations include, but are not limited to:

    •             classroom tutor

    •             test monitor

    •             homeroom parent or class assistant

    •             lunch buddy, playground, computer or media assistant,

    •             volunteer assistant in an after-school programs supervised by school personnel

    •             school office volunteer

    •             room parent


    Level 2 Volunteer is an individual who works with students in settings which may not always be supervised by school personnel.  This volunteer likely will have direct and unsupervised interactions with students. No volunteer, Level 2 or otherwise, should ever place themselves in a situation where they are alone with an individual student.  Typical examples of Level 2 volunteers include, but are not limited to:

    •             on-site tutoring outside of the classroom

    •             chaperones for school field trips, sporting events, and overnight events

    •             Booster Club and PTA Officers

    •             athletic coaching assistants

    •             mentors