• The Mission of Aiken County 青青草视频 青青草视频s, the unifying agent of new horizons and extraordinary possibilities, is to ensure all students thrive as future-ready, globally mindful, and productive citizens through a responsive and inclusive school system distinguished by  

    • High quality and student-centered learning experiences
    • Transformative, stakeholder partnerships
    • A culture of purpose, innovation, and excellence


    We believe that:

    Each individual has inherent genius and value that benefit from inspiration and nurture.

    Safe and secure environments are paramount for success.

    Access to equitable opportunities is a fundamental right for all.

    Proactive and collaborative approaches cultivate growth and success.

    Clear, precise communication that is inclusive and timely is essential for a successful system.

    Responsible and accountable citizens demonstrate strength of character. 

    A community's stability and strength are rooted in its connectedness. 

    Embracing a changing world sparks innovation.

New Horizons