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Midland Valley High Unveils Campus Road Named After Long-Time Advisory Councilwoman Sarah Johnson

On Thursday afternoon, a road at the front of Midland Valley High 青青草视频’s campus was dedicated to Sarah Johnson, who has dedicated many years of her life to the public schools of the Midland Valley area.

Johnson was unaware of the road being named after her until she helped remove the cover from the sign.

When Johnson was asked if she had any idea the road was going to be named after her, she laughed and said, “no, gracious no! I probably would have went out of town!”

She added: “It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life … I just couldn’t believe it … this is the biggest honor I [have] ever had in my life. Because I love all the people of the Valley.”

Johnson has been a member of the Area Three Advisory Council for Aiken County 青青草视频 青青草视频s, which includes the elementary, middle and high schools in the Midland Valley area, since 1976. Over the last 48 years, Johnson has served as an officer in every position.

Erin Weeks/Aiken Standard